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23 Years Old Student Of Unilag Mr. James Olabajo Won A Car At Our Lekki Edition Mega Promo Launch

The Lekki edition of the international mega promo launch has come and gone. As an organization, we give all the glory to God for the success of the event.

Lekki promo Launch registered different significance to different people. To some it was an adventure, taking a trip from one part of Lagos to another, seeing new places and meeting new people, cool yeah? To some others, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and unlearn; to unlearn the self-defeating poverty mentality that hitherto have held them back, to unlearn the “inside the box” thinking that has slow-paced their journey to financial freedom, to learn the ways of the rich, as myriads of opportunities in the real estate sector were made known, practical solutions were unveiled. Lives were changed, chains were broken and businesses were birthed.

But that’s not all. Am sure the event registered differently to Mr. Ikedifo Nnamdi, Mrs. Favour Ngbede and Mrs. Kate Onyejegbu who won whooping discounts off a plot of land at N25,000, N50,000 and N75,000 respectively. And much more differently to Mrs. Aremu Olabisi, a heavily pregnant woman, who won a free plot of land. Amazing yeah?

But that’s still not all.

28th October 2017 is definitely a memorable day for Mr. James Olabajo, a 23 years old student of University of Lagos, who went home with the grand prize of a stunning car. His joy knew no bound on that day as it was a dream come true for him. He had dreams of owning his own car, prayed for it but never knew it would come this way, to Mr. James Olabajo who has never driven a car before all his life, it was the happiest day of his life.

Well, I wouldn’t consider the winners the only ones who went home happy that day, because that is not all that was won still!

As an organisation committed to enterprise development and people empowerment, we won ourselves a great deal of fulfillment from this event; being able to bring joy to other people, being able to empower people, being able to make new landlords out of the everyday man and woman, that is what we stand for as an organisation and nothing compares to the level of joy it brings to us.

On this note, we say a big thank you to every winner for being available to help us fulfill our mandate. A big thank you to every partner, stakeholder, and well wisher who made this event a success. You will never know a better yesterday in Jesus name.

And to almighty god we return all the glory. For of ourselves we are not able, but he has given us the will and the wheel. He alone deserves all the glory. Thank you Jesus.

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