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5 steps to finding the right real estate company in Nigeria-min

How to find the right real estate company when buying property in Nigeria

Buying a landed property can be a tricky business without a proper Real estate agency.

When it comes to investment, there are usually times we experience fears and doubts that arouses questions like Where do I invest this resources, how do I invest it, on what level do I invest it, who do I invest with, and so on.

Commercial banks and other financial institution investors are faced with these crucial and timely decision on a daily basis. For the real estate investors, it is not different. Planning to pump in millions and billions of money into real estate requires a well planned and calculated investment strategy and of course, a legally registered and reliable real estate company to administrate the affairs and guarantee safe landing of your investments.

How do I identify a genuine and reliable real estate company when buying real estate property?

Of course, you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. With the high rate of fraud and scams, and also the issues with “omonile”, you really want to take a pause and make sure you’re dealing with the right people and paying for a property you’d eventually own.

5 steps to finding the right real estate company in Nigeria-min

So where exactly do I start from and how can I identify a genuine real estate company?

This may be the phase you find yourself in. But it’s indeed a peculiar one. Every veteran real estate investor passed through this hurdle, and this is how they went about it.

1. Proper search and authenticity

A very common mistake people make is seeing a company’s advert for the first time then quickly jump into patronizing or investing without a proper background check. I’m not saying it’s totally wrong to patronize a new product or company, I’m saying doing a proper check to be sure of the authenticity of what the product or company claims to do or offer, is a wise step before plunging in fully.

Let these questions guide you

  • Is the company a registered company?
  • Are they recognized globally or locally?
  • Do they have the legal documents of the properties for sale?

These questions amongst others are the basics to start with when checking if the company is authentic and trustworthy.

2. Get peoples review

In this millennial age, reviews go a long way in influencing the decision of buyers.
When dealing with a real estate company it is important to make findings by looking out for reviews, opinions, and testimonies from people who have had first-hand dealing or relationship with the company either on partnership basis or customer base.

3. Physical office location

It is imperative for any real estate company to have a physical address location. When dealing with sensitive properties with legal implication, it is not ideal to start and close a deal with a so-called company that claims to be an “online” agency.

This should be a major priority on your checklist.

4. Safe and secure website

Every serious organization always have a virtual representation of its office online- the website.

in this era, websites and social media have become the first touch point of an enquiring and aspiring client needing a service from any company or industry. This has resulted in a flood of both authentic and fraudulent business websites and social media pages.

However, one can only thread with caution. One basic rule of dealing with websites in the online world is to check out if the site is registered as secured. You can know this by looking at the website’s address. Look out for the green “https” It means its registered as a secured site by google. Be careful of company sites with just “http”  without the “s”.

A secured company site may infer a secure online transactional activity. But be sure by taking other check measures as stated above.

5. Rely on your guts and intuition

In the end, it’s always your call to action. What’re your guts telling you about the company?

Have you made enough research and inquiry to check its authenticity?

Have you gathered enough review to assist your choice?

Have you visited any of their offices?

Have you visited their websites?

Is their website secured?
Do you feel comfortable doing business with them?

The final choice rests solely on your shoulders. These arsenals of tools should help guide you through finding the right real estate company to buy a property from and making the right choice.



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