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Are Pre-Furnished Apartments Really The Way To Go?

Recently, there have been a lot of pre-furnished apartments being advertised for leasing/renting. A lot of persons are of the opinion that it’s a great deal and they jump at it despite the high prices. If you are renting a home for the very first time and you don’t own any furniture or you just can’t afford to buy furniture currently, then pre-furnished apartments seem idea.

Before you leap for joy and make the down payment for that apartment, here are some pros and cons you should take into consideration:

Pros of a Pre-Furnished Apartment

  • Saving Money

If you are new in the leasing game or you just don’t have a lot of money to buy the type of furniture you want currently, then a pre-furnished apartment will definitely tickle your fancy. Furniture is not cheap and authentic ones are usually on the expensive end. When you rent a pre-furnished apartment, it allows you to save the money you’ll have used in buying furniture which in turn brings about relief.

  • Utility and Security

Most pre-furnished apartments are usually located in areas that are known to have top-notch security because of how expensive they are. They also have parking spaces in case tenants are car owners so security isn’t something to fret about. Some pre-furnished apartments also include the cost of their utility bill in the rent fee, lessening stress for the tenant and helping them save better.

  • Extent of Furnishing

Apartments can be furnished to different extents. Some apartments are entirely furnished – television, air conditioner, washing machine, dining table and chairs, couches, bed frame and mattress, paintings, kitchen utensils, etc, while some only include the bare minimum type of furniture – a bed frame, mattress, couch and single chairs. The extent of furnishing a pre-furnished apartment goes a long way in determining the cost for rent. The more furnished the apartment is, the more expensive it will be.

Cons of a Pre-Furnished Apartment

  • Cost

While a pre-furnished apartment might seem very dreamy, we cannot rule out the fact that the cost of rent is usually outrageous. This is usually a big turn off for many individuals who want to rent such an apartment but they have made mental calculations and come to the conclusion that the cost of renting a pre-furnished apartment can conveniently get them an unfurnished apartment and buy a few necessary furniture.

  • If you already have a few pieces of furniture, moving into a pre-furnished apartment might not be easy because there might not be enough space for you to put your furniture and it is possible that the landlord might have a no-removal policy that prevents you from removing any furniture you meet in the house.

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