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Real Estate 101_ Beginners guide- How to get started with real estate investment

Start Making Millions with Real Estate Investments

Real Estate for Beginners: How To Get Started with Real Estate Investments Real estate is property consisting of land and

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Poverty eracication in nigeria and the world

World Poverty Eradication- Does this apply to Nigeria? | Pertinence Limited

The World as it is right now is engulfed with poverty and constantly yearns for poverty eradication. In fact, research

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Pertinence Investors forum

Investors Forum- Find out how to make the best Investments and maximize Profit

The need of every smart investor is multiplying their wealth at the lowest possible risk. This is an art the

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ETRAC-Becoming a real estate millionaire in 2018

Enterprise Training and Resource Acquisition Centre – ETRAC presents a two day training on “How to become a Real Estate

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