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Container Homes: Yay or Nay?

Container homes are not very common within Nigeria, mainly because many people are yet to accept that containers can also serve as homes. Many people are still of the mindset that containers are strictly to be used as shop spaces for business purposes but architects are shaking that ideology up and proving that you can make a beautiful home out of containers.

Container homes are pre-created structures that are made at a factory and placed on an imperishable frame before they are moved to a location through towing or a trailer. Container homes can also serve as temporary accommodation for tourists and the best part is that they can be moved!

Containers are produced from corten steel, weathering steel. They possess protective patina and barrier which protect the steel beneath. It is because of these things that containers are able to stay on a ship and not rust due to contact with seawater. Container homes can also be called modular homes, trailer, residential caravans, trailer homes, and shipping container homes.

A design of a container home

Advantages of Container Homes

  • Flexibility

Wouldn’t you love to be able to take your house with you if you have to relocate somewhere instead of having to rent a new home? Container homes are really flexible because they are semi-permanent in nature so they can be moved around if the need arises.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The cost of erecting a container home is a lot lesser than it is to build a regular home. Another beautiful thing about container homes is that homeowners have a variety of options. The home can be made with a single container or multiple ones depending on the design the homeowner prefers.

  • Land Ownership Is Not A Barrier

With regular homes, you cannot build a home without buying a piece of land first but with container homes, you do not necessarily need to buy a land because you can set it up on another person’s piece of land as long as the person is in agreement. Another available option is to rent or lease the land the container home is going to stay on. If you already own a piece of land, that’s even better.

  • Construction Ease

Container homes are a lot easier to construct than regular homes that take months and even years to be constructed due to one set back or another. This is because they are created ahead of time at a given factory and later moved to the location of the homeowner, unlike normal houses that have to constructed at one location only. This is great because things like rain won’t be a disadvantage and slow down construction progress.

A design of container homes

Disadvantages of Container Homes

  • Reselling Is Not Easy

If the need to sell your container home arises, finding a buyer might be a bit difficult because a lot of people in Nigeria are not very open to the idea of container homes. The quickest way to finding a buyer for a container home is to sell the land on which it stands along with it.

  • Vulnerable to Damage

Should there a natural disaster occurrence such as an earthquake, container homes get wiped out quicker than conventional homes.

Container home during hurricane
  • Value Depreciation

The value of a container home only appreciates if the land on which it is set up is owned by the homeowner as well. This is not the same for conventional homes which appreciate upward because of the land on which they are built.

  • Landlord Issues

If you do not own the land your container home is set up on, then this should be a big concern to you because you still run the risk of being served an eviction notice like all regular tenants.

Would you ever consider owning a container home? Whatever your answer is, share with us in the comments along with your reason.

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