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Did you know Badagry Heritage Museum

Did you know that the Black Heritage Museum is in Badagry?

Lagos has lots of side attractions and tourist centers and Badagry can’t be ignored.

The ancient city seated at the rim of the Atlantic ocean is house to the Black Heritage Museum, the former district officer’s office that was built in the year 1863. As the name implies, this was the city where slaves were shipped in and out of Nigeria through the Atlantic ocean.

relics from slavetrade
relics from slave trade

Visiting the museum grants tourists permission to take a glimpse of the bleak past and learn more about Badagry as well. The museum harbours and preserves artifacts and records from the slave route that was once Badagry. These artifacts are founded in parts by the Nigerian Cultural commission.

Also, the Black Heritage Museum has about 9 galleries showcasing the heinous slave trade industry like trade documents, dated shackles, sketches, photos, sculptures and other salvaged records that documented the city’s dark past. An odious reminder of our past, our oppressors and our heritage.

Though regarded as the outskirt of Lagos and sharing borders with Lome- Benin Republic, Badagry is becoming an inviting place for real estate developers and investors due to its vast availability of land. The city has since then been undergoing series of development and infrastructural changes.

This makes Badagry an uncommon gold resource, a city to be tapped on and mined. A conscious possession of our grounds and heritage.

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