Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic positioning: Numerous Development, industries and schools are in the neighborhood of ABC Gardens.
Minimum Risk: The land is free from Government Acquisition and also No OMO-ONILE WAHALA, Affordable and Flexible Payment plan. Excellent Return: You can buy now and sell

Starter plot is 60 by 60 (324sqm) however subscriber who want bigger plot size can buy 2 or more or go for a classic plot 100ft by 50ft(450sqm)

In the case of a bigger or lesser plot, sum equivalent to the size of the shortage or excess multiplied by price per square meters will be refunded or demanded.

A starter pack comprising of receipt/ sales invoice, Letter of acknowledgement, Provisional allocation letter and Estate covenant.

Allot tees are encourage to take possession and start development on their plot within 6 months of allocation in order to control weeds; in case where the land is left unkept, expenses incurred on clearing will be transferred to the allotee.

The land is free from every known Government Acquisition/ interest and there is no adverse claimant.

You are limited to build residential house within the area designated as residential and commercial house on the area designated as commercial.

You will pay survey, Developmental, and Legal Documentation fees which is yet to be determined due to unexpected price reviews by the Government and professional bodies involved.

You pay the above fees after taking possession of your land and it can be paid in installment.

All payment should be made ONLY IN FAVOUR of PERTINENCE LIMITED into our designated Banks. Deposits are to be made in subscribers name for ease of confirmation of payment by the company.

Pertinence Limited is an Enterprise Development and People Empowerment Company duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.