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Mr Efe has always been an industrious man. A relentless entrepreneur constantly exploring every industry that he could spread his tentacles into. When he died, all of his businesses were handed over to his grown up children to manage. Oreva, the second child and only girl was handed all of her father’s real estate ventures to oversee. Oreva is a seasoned psychologist that has never given the real estate industry a thought for one single moment.

Managing a chain of real estate ventures was certainly not going to be an easy task but she was determined to do her best and more. Now, she is looking to extend the business and lease out more properties. Because Oreva still intends to pursue her career in psychology, she is on the haunt for certain types of tenants – the best types of tenants. But even then, Oreva knows that if you want the best things, you need to give the best things also.

Finding the best tenants to lease / rent your properties to is no easy task. As a property owner, you are constantly on the look out for tenants that can be regarded as perfect. Tenants who will do everything right and do not cause any problems. This is understandable because everyone craves for peace of mind and the wrong set of tenants can rob you of this.

Funny graphic image depicting the effect of having bad tenants.
Funny graphic image depicting the effect of having bad tenants

To get the best, you have to give the best. Property owners need to start exploring what their target tenants want and begin to implement them. There are features that high quality tenants look out for when trying to lease / rent a property. Some of those features are:

#Feature 1 – Appliances

Most tenants do not mind paying a little more in addition to the rent for a property that will already include all the necessary appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, heater, etc. If they do not already own these appliances personally, it will be a great idea if your property already has them upfront. You make some extra money, your tenant saves some money and everyone is happy.

#Feature 2 – Ease of Transportation and Other Necessities

If your prospective tenants do not own cars yet, you can be sure that they will be in constant need of an easily accessible means of transportation that will allow them do simple things like going to the market, going to the mall or supermarket, going to a salon, going to places of worship, etc. As a property owner, you should always consider all of these factors when investing or acquiring properties.

#Feature 3 – Neighborhood Serenity

Graphic design of a house with positively checked boxes
Graphic design of a house with positively checked boxes

Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood that is known for robbery, gang activities and overall danger. The quality of a neighborhood has a huge impact on the lifestyle quality of the people who live there. A lot of people go as far as making their own private investigations about a neighborhood just to be double sure that they are settling in a healthy place. A neighborhood with a great supermarket, gym, lounge, clean roads, park and more will definitely attract quality tenants.

#Feature 4 – Access to Quality Schools

If your prospective tenants are parents or married couples expecting a child, then you should know that the quality and proximity of schools to where your property is located is going to be a huge factor for them. This is because they want to kill two birds with one stone – having their child attend a good school that is not far from home. As a property owner, you should always aim to acquire properties that are not too far from commendable schools.

#Feature 5 – Property Age

The older a property is, the more maintenance issues it is likely to have. There will always be something that needs urgent and immediate repair. Today, it’s the plumbing. Tomorrow, it’s the electrical fittings. Quality tenants do not want stress and neither does the average property owner so it is more advisable to invest newer properties and engage in periodical maintenance.

If you have rented a property before, what did you look out for? What were the other things that motivated you to rent the property? Share with us in the comments section!

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