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We all love new things and new beginnings. New beginnings often give us fresh hope of starting things on a clean slate and being able to put behind any mistakes we might have made in the past. This is exactly how we feel about a new school year and we are convinced we are not the only ones who feel this way.

Thousands of parents and children across the world always have high expectations for a new school year because for them, this means a change of level so they are constantly seeking ways to maximize the new school year and attain a new level of growth. Here are five tips that will help your child get the most out of a new school year:

  • Getting Organized

Depending on your child’s age, being organized might not come easily. It might seem almost impossible even but it is not. It is important to figure out a well-balanced schedule or timetable for your child in order to keep him or her meaningfully engaged. It allows them to know when they need to get up to prepare for school, when they need to do their assignments, when they need to study and when they need to get some rest/observe their siesta. You need to understand that this schedule/timetable does not have to be intense or rigid. School children need time to relax and play so do not forget to pencil in play dates with their friends and a trip to their favorite ice cream store.

  • New Studying Techniques

Figuring out the new studying techniques can bring about a positive and drastic change in a child’s academic performance. If your child is the type to cram and pour for exams, encourage your child to be more intentional and study ahead of time for exams. That way, he or she doesn’t just lose what they have read after an exam but instead, it becomes part of them and they are able to remember it long after the exam is over. Parents also have to be very intentional and follow up closely with their kids to make sure they are actually implementing the new studying techniques because it is usually not very easy to drop old studying techniques.

  • Join New Clubs / Learn a New Skill

As much as school is important, we cannot rule out the fact that it is not the beginning and end of everything. Schools have realized this and that is why there is provision for extracurricular activities. Parents should consistently encourage their kids to play sports like basketball and volleyball, learn to bake, learn to play musical instruments, participate in agriculture or debating clubs. This will boost their confidence, serve as a safe haven for them to release stress and make them overall better individuals.

  • Be Open-Minded to Challenges

A lot of times, parents are the ones who prevent their children from maximizing their potentials by constantly making them pass up opportunities to shine just because they feel it might be a bit stressful. Was your child just appointed class captain? Great! Instead of speaking to his/her teacher about giving the role to another child, encourage your child to take it up and give him/her your sincere support. This could open the child up to more opportunities and also let out skills you never knew your child had. Don’t pass up a golden opportunity because of a little bit of stress.

  • Be Involved, Be There

Whether you are a career person or a business owner, it really is no easy task to try and be up to date with all of the activities your child has going on at school but the keyword here is TRY. Put in effort to attend their open days, PTA meetings sports events, go over their assignments with them, study with them and many more. This will allow you to be in touch with them academically and you can easily detect where they are struggling in order to quickly help them.

Are there any other things you know parents can do to help their children have a great school year? Share with us in the comments.

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