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Graphic design image emphasizing the collaboration between Pertinence Limited and PettySave.

Pertinence Limited and PettySave collaborate to Crowdfund Real Estate Landed Properties for ROIs

There is a feeling of fulfillment that comes from investing money in a venture and having it yield more money without any problems.

Before you make payment for that new phone, new weave or new shoe, READ THIS! Would you not love to invest N100,000 and get 13% or more as interest on it in the next six or twelve months?

Real estate pathfinder, Pertinence Limited has partnered with PettySave, a FinTech company dedicated to promoting saving of funds, investment and most of all, financial freedom. PettySave was established in 2018 and has been able to register 3,000 users within the first six months of her existence.

PettySave is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth and has decided to take things to the next level by using it’s platform as a route to foster real estate investments. The partnership between Pertinence Limited and PettySave is going to be profitable to individuals that are in search of stress-free ways to invest money they do not have immediate need for.

Persons with the intention to invest in this venture need to be PettySave users. They are required to channel their funds towards collective land purchase, causing them to pay for the land based on investment units through the PettySave investment feature. As the months roll by, the value of the land will increase, then it will be sold, and the profit will be shared among the investors. An investor has the liberty of buying more than one investment unit if he or she wishes to.

Emphasis is being placed on the fact that the Return on Investments (ROIs) resulting from this partnership for those who participate in it spans from 13% to 25% over the space of six and twelve months. Investment units are going to be available on the PettySave platform from August 2019 and will be open for the next three months after which it will close.

Pertinence Limited owns landed properties in Abuja, Asaba, Owerri, Osun, Ilorin, Badagry, Enugu amongst others. For the purpose of the partnership between the company and PettySave, the land crowdfunding is going to be focused on the company’s properties located at Ipaja and iLand properties at Beechwood Estate, Ibeju – Lekki.

To be a part of this juicy and innovative deal, register at https://www.pettysave.com/

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