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Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

Safety tips for the Holidays and Festive season

It’s Christmas season again; time for fun and celebration, but most importantly, a time to be more security and safety conscious.

I’m sure you’ve had a great and rewarding year investing in real estate.  It’s the festive season again, and Christmas is in the air with lots of celebrations and parties here and there all in the spirit of Christmas.

But as we know it, this season also attracts the possibilities of unwanted and unanticipated tragic events that could cause either loss of lives or properties. You really don’t want to be caught up in the mix of such negative circumstances.

We really wish for you to enjoy the festivities and have a wonderful holiday, so we’ve cooked you a very delicious and well-spiced Christmas rice and chicken of how to stay safe and free from trouble in this Christmas season.

Here are a few safety tips to help you stay safe and have the best of the festivities.

  1. Are you traveling for the Holidays?

This is usually the best time for family reunions and vacation trips. If you’d be traveling, ensure to have the following checked.

  • Make sure your car tyres are in good conditions and with the right air pressure.
  • Have your vehicle serviced
  • Ensure to have all vehicle documents intact
  • Drive within the standard road safety speed limits for highway
  • If you are with your family, drive below 100km/hr
  • Ensure your seatbelts are fastened
  • Have enough cash at hand for emergencies
  • Avoid night traveling
  • Always take note of road signs.


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2. Are you spending the holidays hanging out or at home?

Spending the holidays at home is another fun way of celebrating. You may attend a party or throw one yourself. Or maybe you’re like me that would rather hang out with friends in fun places like the beach, a horse race, or a karaoke lounge singing solo music so loudly.

Whichever one you choose to do, here are some important tips to keep you safe and secure as you have fun.

  • Avoid late nights: make sure you’re not found on the streets at late hours, especially if you’re alone.
  • Don’t move around with a large amount of cash in your possession. You don’t want your money suddenly missing, robbed or pickpocketed.
  • Ensure all doors to your house are locked before going out for social outings, and at night before sleeping.
  • Avoid excessive intake of alcohols and other intoxicants. You want to have a clear mind and make objective decisions, not to be taken unawares.

3.  Are you spending the holidays with the kids and giving them a Christmas treat?

I think Christmas was made for kids. Children enjoy Christmas holidays more. However, they stand a high risk of getting into trouble due to the euphoria and energy they exhibit in times like this.

Here’s how to keep the kids safe and secure this holidays:

  • Always keep a keen eye on them, especially the infant ones. I would have suggested a tracker chip or CCTV camera, but you get the point. Watch over them carefully!
  • For the matured ones, make sure you know where they are going to if they are to go out,
  • If you take them out, make sure they don’t leave your presence. If they have to, monitor and time them.
  • Watch what they eat.
  • Be sure not to let them stay late outside.

I hope these safety tips would help guide you these Christmas as you enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance.

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