Asset Business Club

This is an initiative of pertinence limited. It is an investment club aimed at motivating, guiding and assisting you to invest your money wisely.
Everyone who becomes a member has the opportunity to become a millionaire in five (5) years by investing ₦10,000 monthly as can be seen in our chart. You don’t save what is left after spending; you spend what is left after saving - Warren buffet

  1. You join the club with your initial deposit for investment. You decide the amount you want to invest every month, but the minimum is #5,000 which can be paid weekly, quarterly or yearly.
  2. We invest the money on your behalf as deemed fit but especially into real estate, transportation, chain stores etc, while you get a fixed and guaranteed 10%, 15% or 20% return on your investment per annum depending on the tenure.
  1. Collect an application form, fill it completely and sign the agreement
  2. Start investing your desired amount every month.
  3. Abide by the agreed terms.
  1. You can start with as low as ₦5,000
  2. You are guaranteed 10%, 15% or 20% return on your investment per annum, depending on tenure, while the fund manager bears the risk. Safety of fund and ease of liquidity at maturity is guaranteed due to highly diversified portfolio that includes: Real estate, transportation, training, information technology, chain stores etc.
  3. You become a millionaire with ease
  4. You secure your future, and that of your family. The investment gives you opportunity to plan your retirement for your company, self, family children or unborn child.
  5. You become an investor and not just a spender or waster.
  6. You earn referral commissions for every new member you introduce.

Our Investment Program


ABC is an acronym for Asset Business Club. As the name implies, the club is a platform for creating assets and building businesses for stakeholders. Being a member of this club opens you up to a world of wealth creation opportunities. We help our members MAKE, MANAGE AND MULTIPLY MONEY. That is why our slogan says creating wealth is as simple as ABC. Asset Business Club is managed by Pertinence Limited.


GREENLAND CO-OPERATIVE MULTI-PURPOSE SOCIETY is a networking platform created by Pertinence Limited to provide opportunities for individuals and corporate bodies to achieve Business Success. We believe at GCMS that everyone is in business, whether you work as a employee or you set up an enterprise. It is not what you do, but how you do it that determines whether it is business or busyness.