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Small Can Seem Big. Get Creative!

I know you want those big penthouse apartments with large windows that see into the city and look so magical. Who wouldn’t want that? But the real question is can you afford it? 

Most people usually have to settle for apartments that are smaller than what they really want because that is what they can afford for the time being.  The main difficulty of settling into a small apartment space is the struggle to maximize the space and not have the apartment looking clustered or scattered.  This seems almost impossible sometimes but there are certain things you can do to make your small apartment seem bigger and less clustered. 

#1 – Furniture with Multiple Purposes

If you have a small apartment space, it is common wisdom to acquire furniture pieces that serve dual duties or purposes. This reduces the number of furniture you have and makes the apartment more spacious. Always be on the lookout for furniture pieces that you can pack up and keep away when you’re not using them, furniture pieces with storage spaces and multiple functions.

A living room center table that can also serve as a dining table

#2 – Get Creative with Storage

Small apartment spaces will make you get your thinking/creativity cap on when it comes to storage. If you cannot think out of the box when it comes to storing your stuff, then your apartment will be a mess. Make sure no space is left unused. Even the ceiling could serve as a storage spot for you! 

Small bookshelf in front of a bed

#3 – Painting Options

Painting your apartment the right way and with the right colors can go a long way in making it look more spacious than it really is. Neutral colors like white, cream and gray are highly suggested because they give the apartment a brighter and expanded appearance. The ceiling painted in white also aids the appearance of the apartment by making it look more open and airy. 

Small apartment painted in white

#4 – Ceiling Shelves

Instead of looking for a place closer to the floor to put your trophies, medals, childhood books or any other item that you are sentimental about, you could get a shelf placed really close to the ceiling and put off all of those things in it. Your space is less clustered, it draws your eyes upwards every time you walk in and warms your heart. It’s a win-win.

Ceiling shelf

Your apartment doesn’t have to be big for it look great and homely. Get your creativity cruise on and you’ll have a simple, well decorated, homely living space. 

Are there other things you know that make a small apartment look bigger? Share with us in the comments!

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