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Everyone knows that it’s currently raining season in Nigeria. Other than the peaceful sleep that the rain brings, the damages and disadvantages are usually a lot more. Traffic, bad roads, floods, erosion are few of the disadvantages of the raining season. The raining season also causes defects to houses and fences due to the constant downpour which weakens them overtime. Thankfully, there are certain things that can be done to reduce the rate of damage that rain does to houses, walls and more even though they cannot be prevented totally. Some of these things are:


Look out for cracks in walls: Ensure you get a professional to fix any cracks or holes in your walls as soon as you notice them because failure to do so will give allowance for water to enter into the walls and will eventually lead to dampness of the wall, making it uncomfortable to stay within the area.


Replace faulty doors and windows: Inspect doors and windows in order to make sure that all hinges are in place and firm and also that there are no holes that allow water seep through. Once there is an issue, ensure that a professional repairs it immediately. If your doors and windows are wooden, you should paint them in order to prevent them from absorbing moisture or rainwater and eventually getting rotten.

Wooden door rotting due to water
Wooden door rotting due to water.


Clear drains and gutters: If you have drains and gutters around your house, it’s important to take time out to clean it out and remove any dirt that might have been thrown in it over time. This is so that the rain water can flow freely without obstacle and won’t turn into flood that could eventually weaken walls.

Rain water filled gutter with debris.


Repair leaking roofs: Ensure you inspect roofs for leaking spots that leave trickles of water so as to fix them in time. If these spots are not closed in time, they will lead to the roof getting soaked and damaged, causing the living area to get damp and uncomfortable to stay in.


Wires, sockets and electrical appliances: The rainy season does not rule out the likelihood of a fire outbreak or being electrocuted. This could occur when rain water begins to find it’s way to wires, sockets or electrical appliances. Ensure that all faulty sockets, wires, electrical appliances are well looked after in order to avoid being electrocuted or causing a fire outbreak.

All in all, the rain is good because the weather is quite lovely but in order to avoid situations where the rain destroys our properties and we have to spend a lot of money making repairs, let’s all try and be proactive in putting safety precautions in place. Enjoy the weather!

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