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We Are Having A Pertinence Wedding!!!

Pertinence Limited is known for a lot of amazing things but one other amazing thing a lot of people do not know about us is that we are a tight-knit family and that is why we are announcing with all the joy and gladness in our hearts that two of our own people are getting married for the first time in the history of Pertinence Limited.

Today, Yemi Olodun – an Engineer with Pertinence Properties Limited proposed to Oluwaseun Scott – an Accountant with Pertinence Limited. The romantic surprise proposal took place at the company’s head office with a few co-workers present. The pair have been courting for a few years and have managed to still be level headed and professional, failing to let their courtship affect their roles within the company.

We are happy, we are hyped, we are joyful, we are excited and our hearts are singing happy songs! We are feeling a lot of beautiful things all at once because of this new union and we wish the couple all of the beautiful things that life has to offer.

Watch out for this Pertinence Wedding Party because it is going to be a banger!

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