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Who should do the spending on Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day is just at the corner. The word Valentine has an effect on almost all of us, and if it doesn’t on you, then you need to get your heart checked.

When it comes to the issues of the heart, we’ve all had a fair taste of sweet and bitter. But with the word “Valentine” resounding everywhere you go, and with every display Ad that pops over your brightly lited smartphone screen passing the message of “the lovers day” and special offers; one can’t just help but flow with the “season of love”.

Somehow, you just feel the urging necessity to show an act of love to a loved one, someone special, or maybe to a group of friends or co-workers.  After all, Valentine’s day is once a year. So why hold back?

Ways to make valentine's day special
Make your valentine’s day special

There is a diverse take on the issue of who should actually do the spending on valentine’s day. For some, the guys should do the spending, while the others say the girls should do the spending. For me, I’d say these two groups are torquing with the wrong questions.  In truth, it doesn’t matter who does the spending on valentine’s day. We should actually be asking the right questions. Questions like:

  • What gift would be special for this year’s Valentine?
  • How can I show love to my spouse in a way s/he has never experienced before?
  • Where will my spouse love to hangout that gives him or her joy, pleasure and mental rejuvenation?
  • Who can I extend love to that wouldn’t expect it and doesn’t deserve it?
  • How can I use this opportunity of Valentine to show how humanitarian I am?

You’d notice that asking these five questions immediately unplugs your mind from your selfish benefits, and focuses it on how you can be of great impact and benefit to the ones you love and people around you.

What makes Valentine’s day a memorable one is how you plan for it, not what you expect from it.

Read on…

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Many ladies expect their boyfriend or spouse to buy them expensive gifts, take them out, and just do crazy things they have built up in their imaginations. Of course, this is not a bad thing, it is expected he takes you out. But the question is- did she have a plan to do something special for the guy as well? Or does she have the beclouded mentality like many that Valentine’s day is an extension of her birthday?

show love to those that don't deserve or expect it on valentine's day
show love to the undeserving on valentine’s day

Be the one to create that surprise for your spouse. It doesn’t matter who does the spending. If you love him so much and appreciate him, then take the initiative girl! If you want to blow her mind and keep her wrapped in your arms, then do something outside the cliche bro! You don’t want to be a slacker.

If you haven’t started thinking of how to make your Valentine special, start thinking of it now. Love is both ways, and it doesn’t matter who does the spending. You’re expressing love, showing value, and being human. Take the initiative!

So what is that special gift you hope to receive on Valentine’s day? Tell us in the comment section.

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