Business experts task Wealth Summit attendees on utilising opportunities in Lagos

Business experts task Wealth Summit attendees on utilising opportunities in Lagos

Lagos, the bustling economic hub of Nigeria, literally stood still over the weekend for Wealth Summit 2023, (themed: “The Real Money of Lagos”), as over 2,000 physical attendees converged to glean invaluable insights about wealth creation, using the boundless opportunities in Lagos, Nigeria, and the world at large.

The event, organised by Pertinence Group, showcased an impressive lineup of speakers, including the renowned Matthew Ashimolowo, Olumide Emmanuel, Sunday Olorunsheyi, and Wisdom Ezekiel, who took turns to help attendees gain comprehensive knowledge and expertise about wealth creation, thus equipping them with the tools necessary to thrive in the dynamic financial landscape.

Unarguably, these phenomenal thought leaders provided an unrivalled platform for participants to be exposed to unique real estate investment opportunities, strategies, and practical advice on how to leverage the region’s immense potential.

Specifically, Pastor Ashimolowo, a distinguished spiritual leader, business mogul, investor and keynote speaker, emphasised the importance of integrity, positioning, discipline, technology, and faith in achieving financial success.

The Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) founder, benchmarked his session on: ‘The 9Rs of Revolutionary Wealth Creation’, and asserted that the power of land ownership remained a key secret to creating wealth without effort.

Ashimolowo, the brain behind Makarios Luxury, submitted thus, “Land is the basis of all wealth, the heritage of the wise, the thrifty and the prudent. It is the silent partner of many thousands of successful men and women, and it grows and increases in value through countless days. Land is the foundation of banks, a producer of food, and the basis of all worth throughout the world. Yet, land appears so common that thousands, unthinking and unknowing, pass it by.”

Meanwhile, the second keynote speaker, Dr. Emmanuel, a renowned serial entrepreneur, and real estate trailblazer, captivated the audience with his expertise in building businesses from the ground up.

He spoke on ‘The Importance of Networking and Collaboration in Wealth Creation’, stressing that, “there are no generational curses, there are only consequences for generational choices.”

On their parts, Dr. Olorunsheyi, a Co-founder of Pertinence Group, enlightened attendees with his knowledge of financial planning and investment strategies, while his visionary Co-founder of Pertinence Group, Ezekiel, delivered an inspiring session, highlighting the vast possibilities for wealth creation within the dynamic landscape of Lagos.

He encouraged attendees to think innovatively and seize the numerous opportunities available in the city, thus empowering them to transform their lives and contribute to the overall economic growth of Nigeria.


Aside from the enriching sessions by the esteemed speakers, the conference also featured an array of engaging side attractions, including an ‘Investors Breakfast’ where members of the investor community could network. There was also the unveiling of a book authored by Pertinence directors, titled: ‘The Real Money of Lagos’.

Attendees of the Wealth Summit were also treated to a captivating cultural dance performance, helping participants to savour the rich heritage and diversity of Lagos, while the exhibition arena showcased innovative products, services, and investment opportunities, which all together created a conducive environment for networking and collaboration for participants.

For many, the raffle draws during the event was a key feature that added palpable excitement to the event. Several lucky Pertinence Group investors could not hold back their joy as they walked away with remarkable prizes. Cash gifts, a coveted plot of land, and an all-expense-paid trip to Qatar were among the rewards distributed, further exemplifying the company’s commitment to fostering rewarding relationships with its investors.

The success of Wealth Summit 2023 serves as a testament to Pertinence Group’s unwavering dedication to empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources required to achieve financial prosperity. The event provided an invaluable platform for participants to learn, connect, and explore the vast potential of Lagos and the world at large.


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