Inaugural Sales Pro Conference a huge success!

A rich collection of sales frontliners and thought leaders have tasked sales professionals to never stop reaching for their targets, as their opportunities were limitless.

The experts said this, among others, at the inaugural Sales Pro Conference in Lagos State, which brought together a diverse community of sales professionals who gathered to chart a new course for their professional growth through knowledge sharing.

The conference, which held recently in Alimosho, was a testament to the resilience of the sales community in Nigeria, hosting a hybrid attendance which recorded in-person and virtual participants of over 500 persons.

The host of the event and co-founder of Pertinence Group, Dr Sunday Olorunsheyi, adjudged as a revered name in the world of sales, set the tone for the event by delivering a keynote address centered around his 5-Ps principle, including: Product, Planning, Promotion, Passion, and Positioning.

He masterfully navigated through each element, leaving the audience with a strategic roadmap to close substantial deals and fuel their sales careers.

He said in part, “Sales closing isn’t just about sealing the deal; it’s about opening the door to lasting relationships. Understanding the product you’re selling is a great start, having a passion for what you do and being willing to promote your product in every possible way by strategically positioning yourself, is your compass in the journey from sales to success.”

Another speaker and a Television host, Mrs. Tope Mark-Odigie, weaved a tapestry of motivation and practical advice, introducing her 5-Vs, including: Value, Visibility, Velocity, Volume, and Vibration, with palpable warmth and conviction.

Attendees were captivated as she encouraged them to plant their seeds in the right environment; to sell not just a product but its intrinsic value; and to be visible to potential buyers. She left the audience with the energy of possibility, igniting sparks of hope and determination.

“Plant your seeds in fertile soil and watch them grow. In the world of sales, you’re not just selling a product; you’re selling value. Be visible, carry the energy of possibility, and watch your sales journey flourish,” she said.

The third keynote speaker, Mr. Samson Olatunde, a living testament to the power of value-driven sales, shared his remarkable journey that began as an undergraduate student.

Olatunde’s story was a reminder that anyone, regardless of their starting point, can make a profound impact in the world of sales.

He made his message clear: “Success is born from rendering consistent value and building trust with customers.”

The conference reached its pinnacle with Mrs. Funke Kehinde, a luminary in the real estate industry, who delivered a masterclass on thriving in the sector.

She shared her insights on various facets of selling real estate, accompanied by her personal experiences as one of Nigeria’s top-selling realtors.

The conference, powered by Pertinence Group, also witnessed a fireside chat that brought four of its home-grown top selling real estate and proptech practitioners on stage to discuss their experiences in the industry as it pertained to selling properties.

As a giveaway from the event, the host Olorunsheyi announced a whopping 50% commission structure on 25 plots of land owned by Pertinence in specific locations.

He also announced a free mentorship programme which he and his business partner, Mr. Wisdom Ezekiel, would run in November for anyone interested in becoming a sales superstar.

In all, the event successfully set the stage for sales professionals to rise to new heights, spurring their determination to navigate the evolving landscape of the profession with the unspoken promise of growth and success.

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