There are days and days we don’t feel like it. We wouldn’t mind doing anything else than laying in our beds doing almost nothing and getting a credit alert from about 3 firms at the end of the month. Hopefully a day like that comes. Since that’s not possible and we have to get to work if we need to be able to afford eat our favorite meals doing all that we can absolutely do, Here are a few tips to ensure maximum productivity every time we get on a job at work.

Plan your schedule the night before

Planning your schedule the night before helps you keep track of all your activities and  provides you the focus you need to smash your goals the next day

Be Punctual

Getting out of bed is a struggle! But you’d still have to get up anyways so why not do it early? Being punctual to work helps you settle in nicely ,leaving you with ample time to reflect on how you would like spend the rest of the day

Little tip: Get enough sleep

Start the day on a positive note

If you want to bad energy to stay far away for the rest of the day then you need a positive kickstart.Although I am aware that sometimes this is next to impossible but there’s always something that gets you in a good mood it could be music, listening to spoken word, your favorite motivational speaker  or even a phone call to a loved one, whatever it might be just start out positive

Communicate, communicate , communicate!

No man is an island , Strive to maintain a cordial relationship with the people you work with .Having issues with a particular project or assignment? Ask questions. Effective communication with team members boosts team spirit, efficiency, effectiveness and productivity

Avoid multitasking

A schedule helps you plan and prioritize all your goals for the day, so you don’t end up doing a lot of things at once. We all feel like the ability to  multitask is a super power we posses but if we’re being true to ourselves multitasking just makes us leave a lot of things unfinished and we end up delivering less than our best

Revisit the Schedule

Revisiting the schedule helps you check off the things you’ve been able to accomplish. Applaud yourself for the little wins rather than beat yourself up for the things you weren’t able to accomplish

Take a break

The importance of breaks cannot be overemphasized. Depriving yourself of a “me” time can affect your mental health and mood ,leaving you unmotivated and uninspired, this would have a negative effect on your performance in the long run. You cannot be productive when you’re tired and burnt out ,so take out time to breathe.

Avoid pointless conversations, gossip and drama

Although it’s important to communicate with your colleagues, involving yourself in irrelevant office drama and gossip often can affect your performance and productivity as it steals the time you could’ve spent doing something more productive.

It is very important to learn how to shut out the noise and focus on the task at hand.

Be teachable, accountable and willing to learn

The world is ever evolving with trends changing everyday. Admit that you’re not a know it all and be willing to learn  in order to keep up with trends even if it’s from someone in a lower position, do your personal research and stay ahead of the curve in your industry

Analyze your actions , identify the things you are doing wrong, right your wrongs and watch your performance skyrocket


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