Masterpiece architecture on 150 sqm of land

A 150 sqm modern house

There is a popular misconception about small plots of land, particularly 150 sqm. Most people find it hard to accept that beautiful, high rise houses can be built on a 150 sqm plot of land and have conditioned their minds to believe that they can only build their house on a 600 sqm of land for it to really look as beautiful as they have envisioned. To begin, two things need to be established:

  • 150 sqm of land is small but mighty.
  • 150 sqm of land is enough.


As far as Nigeria is concerned, not a lot of real estate companies offer 150 sqm of land as a package to customers to buy because the general perception is that it is too small to build a house so it is not in high demand by customers.

Also, there are not many architects who are flexible enough to create a sketch out a structure that will comfortably sit on a 150 sqm plot of land because they believe that there might not be enough space to play with so this goes a long way in affecting the sort of advice they give to any client who might be considering buying and building a house on a 150 sqm plot of land.

A major concern of many people as regards the 150 sqm of land is that it is too small to accommodate a commercial or residential building. This is not true because with a clear vision of what the building is meant to look like, the purpose it will serve and a very creative architect, anything is achievable on a 150 sqm plot of land.

According to Abel Adejoh, an experienced architect in Nigeria, two apartment flats can be built on a 150 sqm plot of land and still retain a parking space that can accommodate three cars. He further explained that it is very possible for two persons to come together, buy a half plot of land, split it into two, and build duplexes with driveways.

In summary,

there is still a lot of work to be done in the real estate industry as regards sensitizing Nigerians about the 150 sqm plot of land and to get them to shake off the thought that they will not be unable to build a great structure on it. We hope to see more people embracing the idea of having their dream home on a 150 sqm plot of land.

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