Rising Cost In The Nigerian Building Sector: Realvest Delivers To Subscribers Regardless.

Realvest Global Technologies Limited handed over the keys to 2 & 3 bedroom bungalows to 9 of their subscribers in Ibeju lekki, the first in a series of handovers scheduled for the second quarter of the year to their Homevest subscribers. 

Traditionally, especially within the sub-saharan real estate sector, home ownership has been the exclusive preserve of only the elite class with a high entry barrier. However, with the real estate solutions provider RealVest, every member of society now has a decent shot at owning quality homes made only with the best of building materials at affordable rates.  Since the company’s establishment in 2019, they have worked relentlessly at simplifying home ownership with unique real estate products like Co-earn, Homevest, Co-earnflex and Wealth X especially within the sub-saharan.

“Everything that we do within the Realvest community is targeted at simplifying home ownership for our customers.” said Realvest CEO, Damilare Oshokoya. “We understand that the cost of building materials must have doubled and even tripled over the past business year, but we have come to a full resolve a long time ago to continue providing simplified home-ownership to our customers in spite of the odds,”

’The price hike within the construction sector is not just peculiar to Nigerian real estate but is also a global economic situation by and large. ’’  says Egweni Osezino, Engineer and CEO of Edificio, a full-fledged construction company, also a subsidiary of Pertinence Group. ‘’ Everyone on our team works diligently to carry out market surveys, cutting the middleman and making bulk purchases in a bid to minimise the negative economic impact at the same time delivering on brand promise’’ he opines. 

‘’For over 3 years,  Homevest by Realvest has delivered nothing short of quality modern designs, we make certain that all our 2 and 3 Bedroom bungalows in all 9 Homevest estates meet both the standard of what was designed as well as what was promised at the finished phases of the projects across 5 states of the federation ’’  says Christian Chickeme, lead architect, Edificio. 


‘Damilare Oshokoya, CEO, Realvest Global Technologies Limited also commented during the handover ceremony that the current state of Foreign Exchange Covid-19 restrictions, and the constantly rising cost of building materials the firm has encountered are only a few of the challenges the firm has faced on their journey to tackling housing deficits in the country. He however reassures the general public that Realvest loyalty remains with its customers who have continued to fulfill their end of the bargain’’

RealVest Global Technologies Limited a subsidiary of Pertinence Group is a frontline real estate firm in Nigeria with subscribers across over 18 countries, providing flexible, attractive and secure real estate investments for individuals on a budget as low as N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira).

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