Tips For Business expansion in 2022

Every business yearns to grow the size of its market share, increase the scale of operations and seek out additional options to generate more profit. To achieve this, here are elementary steps to take:

Tips For Business expansion in 2022

First, conduct research on your industry. Make sure you understand the competition, current trends, and what customers are looking for. This information will assist you in making intelligent decisions about where to direct your efforts.

It is important to have a clear vision as well as setting realistic business objectives. This must align with the growth strategy you want to adopt for the business.

Once your business is up and running, you must ensure that you are doing everything possible to grow and expand it. However, there are numerous ways to grow your business. You can enter new markets, introduce new products or services, or boost your marketing efforts.

Making acquisitions or launching a new division or subsidiary is another way to grow your business. This can be an excellent way to introduce new products or services while also gaining new customers.

See how Pertinence Group has grown over time by establishing new subsidiaries and making acquisitions:


  • Pertinence Properties: A real estate company that offers excellent products and services in areas such as land and home ownership, rent, construction, and property management, among others. It was the Pertinence Group’s very first market. This market has grown to global significance, giving birth to a few others of its kind. To learn more, go to 
  • RealVest Global Technologies: A leading real estate firm in Nigeria that offers flexible, appealing, and secure real estate investment opportunities to all. RealVest offers a digitally accessible real estate investment solution and is currently leading the way in making home ownership easy for everyone, both at home and abroad, regardless of their income level. Visit to learn more.
  • Edificio: A full-service construction company that brings cutting-edge technology and a problem-solving mindset to every project.
  • Jetseed: A fintech company formerly known as Pettysave that allows users to save for a specific goal or emergency, as well as invest their savings to earn a return on investment. With various measures that have been put in place. Jetseed makes it much easier to instill financial discipline. To learn more, go to 
  • ImportDeals.NG: A strong automobile import market place with the primary goal of ensuring Nigerians have access to affordable products from all over the world. ImportDeals.NG was recently acquired by the Pertinence Group in June 2021. More information about their products can be found at
  • Automecho: A division of ImportDeals.NG that provides automobile repair and maintenance, with certified technicians on hand to handle any car repair or vehicle issues. Go to to learn more of their product offerings.
  • Data first: A full-cycle technology firm that assists some of the world’s fastest-growing enterprises and start-ups in developing technological solutions that add value and deliver results. Their goal is to empower people and businesses by developing high-quality technological solutions. To learn more, visit today.

The gimmick to great expansion is to expand your product line or target new markets that your company is not currently serving. However, getting your business organized is essential for growth. Make sure you have a solid plan in place for how you’ll manage growth, and set up systems and procedures to keep things running seamlessly.

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